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We Are Happy with Our Hughesnet Rural Internet Service

We always wanted to live on a working farm. We knew we could only afford a few acres in a rural setting. We planned on growing our own food and raising animals. However, we were used to city water, city sewer systems and cable Internet that seemed unlimited. I was concerned when we would have a well for water, a septic system for the sewer and satellite Internet from Hughesnet rural Internet service. I thought that all of that would be sort of second rate compared to city living. I was concerned how we would adapt.

We had the well water tested and it was perfectly fine for drinking. We added an elaborate filtration system to purify it even more. We use it for cooking, and we have water delivered for drinking. I chose not to drink the water regularly because of a compromised immune system. However, I have never had any ill effects from it. We test it four times per year. (more…)

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